Planning Products for Multiple Sales So You Can Promote Them In Your Emails

Interesting fact: It’s a lot easier to sell a second product to an existing customer than it is to find a new one. Keeping that in mind, it only makes sense then to plan out a product funnel that allows people to make multiple purchases from you. Instead of focusing all your time and energy in going out and finding new potential customers, you can instead focus on creating new products and serving your existing customer base.

I’m not saying you can stop looking for new customers. That’s always a smart business practice. I’m simply saying that if you create a series of related products that you can sell to your existing customer base, you can make quite a bit more profit from every single customer.

There are a few different ways to think about this. Let’s run through them and you can pick whatever strategy you think will work best for you, your business, and your customer base when it comes to planning future products.

Step By Step Product Funnel

With this product planning strategy, you help your customers or students do one thing with the first product. For the next one you then think about what they need to do next. For example, let’s say you start with product about writing your first kindle book. Your next product could teach them how to create a cover and upload it to Amazon. The one after that may be all about marketing a kindle book etc.

You see how this works. Each product builds on the next and it makes perfect sense for your customers to work through the first, then buy the second, and third, and so forth. Each product is designed to help the take the next step until they reach their final goal.

Creating Related Products On Similar Topics

If a step by step product funnel doesn’t make sense for your market, you can create products on closely related topics. For example, if you’ve been teaching someone how to blog, you could then create products on email marketing, and info product creation. As with the previous example, it makes it easy to mail your existing customer list with offers like this.

Creating Consumable Products Or Membership Sites For Frequent Sales

Last but not least, think about products or services you can create that your customers would buy again and again. Let’s say you’re a writer and you’re offering ghost writing service. You could create an offer to write 10 articles on any topic for a set fee. You could then keep marketing that offer month after month and your clients will buy anytime they need a new set of articles.

Membership sites are another great option for multiple sales. Maybe there’s a new topic you can teach each month, or some templates and cheat sheets you can create for your members.

Take a look at all three strategies for creating more products that you can sell to your customer base. Feel free to mix and match as you see fit. Then get to work creating marketing new products on a regular basis.

Product Creation – How to Fund Your Next Product Before It Is Created

Product creation can be a risky, time consuming endeavor. Often times, people will have an idea; spend large sums of money on a logo and website; spend months creating a product and end up selling little to nothing. What if I told you that it doesn’t need to be this way? By the end of this article, you are going to find out how to fund your next product before it is created and make a tidy profit to boot.

First of all, communicate with your customers and let them know that you have an intention of create a free product for them. Pose them a few questions in the form of a survey to answer. This is survey is meant to help you identify what product they would like you to create, what is their biggest fear or frustration within the niche you are operating in and what is their ideal outcome.

When you have received sufficient data from the survey, go through that and find a common trend among their answers. Once you have done that, verify this with your customers by writing an email or blog post. As a call to action, let them know that to confirm that you haven’t identified correctly what they want, respond by letting you know. Also, tell them that if it is not what they want to let you know what they would rather have.

If they have given you the green light, go ahead and create the free product. If not, go through what they have told you and adjust accordingly to their feedback. You free product should be something that doesn’t take you more than 2 to 3 days to produce. The goal is not to build a full-fledged product but to give a simple solution to their need. A report containing some of your top tips for addressing their core need would do nicely. Put in your best advice and distribute that to everyone.

By now you will have conditioned your customers to interact with you so next, you wait for the feedback to roll in. Among the feedback, you will probably get people asking for clarification on some points and you will know which points really resonated with them. Look out for responses that indicate your customers would pay for more information on a certain area. You should of course respond to all feedback accordingly.

Analyze the data you received from your customers and come up with an idea for a product you think they will pay for. After that, announce to your customers that based on the feedback you have received, you have decided to do something more. Let them know you are about to create a new product and that you will let them buy it at half price.

If you do this right, then chances are you are going to sell more than enough to fund the creation of your next product. Why? Because you have built up anticipation and your customers now have ownership of the product. This is called the art of preselling your products and if you would like to know exactly how to apply this in your business, you should check out the link in my resource box.

Benefits Of Selling Products In The Information Marketing Business

In my opinion, the best home business in the world is the information marketing business. What is “information marketing”? Well it’s simply the process of selling instructional information in the form of: books, eBooks, CD’s, DVD’s, newsletters, seminars, and even membership sites. This is the ultimate lifestyle business.

And it’s even better on the internet. Many people have been running their own information marketing business offline for decades. But with the advent of the internet, it has taken information marketing to a totally new level. The main component of the information marketing business is something called, “information products”.

As I stated earlier, information products are simply products that deliver instructional information. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in or the kind of products and services you sell – you can use info products to boost your sales and profits, along with adding another income stream into your business.

For example, a bakery shop owner could offer a free report (another form of information product) about how to make red velvet cupcakes. Then for every person who requests this information, the bakery shop owner can send out the free report, plus a copy of their menu – that already includes the red velvet cupcake that they can buy from their offline store, or website.

And the list goes on and on. Almost all businesses that I know of can use this very same approach to boost their sales, and add a new revenue stream. You can even make this your entire business, and sell products for hundreds of dollars – depending on your niche, and the components of your product.

You can get high profit margins with information products and the business of info marketing. Products are very cheap to produce also. You could sell a CD for $19, and have it only cost you 50 cents to reproduce it. Don’t believe me? Well, consider this for example.

Have you ever seen those late night infomercials about ab workouts or real estate ventures and etc? Well, those people are simply selling information products. They’ve exited out of the real estate game and the bodybuilding game, and are now making the bulk of their money selling information products.

Yeah you may buy their $19 product and they send you a lot of stuff, but more than likely after you order, a telemarketer will call you and try to upsell you on a $2,000 product, showing you the “real” secrets. This is nonsense – but this is how they REALLY make their money.

I don’t want to assimilate them as “sharks”, but I just want you to be aware of how information products are popular online. It’s easy for you to get started selling your information products, you just need the right guidance, and a good marketing plan to sell your products.

And yes, you can use information products in your business to boost your sales and add another stream of income in your life. Be sure to use them today – because they are very profitable. I even sell them in my business.

Good luck with selling information products today.