Ecourse Creation – How Long Should Your Ecourse Be

One of the questions I get the most is “How long should an ecourse be?”  I take that to mean how many modules should it be.  (oh, and just so there is no confusion, a module is the same as an episode or session)

The main thing you have to understand about an ecourse is people subscribe to them because they are interested in it.  They may not do anything with it after they subscribe to it, but you have to assume they read/listen/view ever session you send them. 

That being said, ask yourself this, would it be better, business wise, for you to be in front of potential buyers three times or seven times?  Of course seven.  Now, I just used seven as an arbitrary number for how many sessions for your ecourse, it’s not an exact number.

There is no exact number of modules for an ecourse.  This is because no two people are the same, so they don’t create their ecourse with the same information.  Therefore, there cannot be a set amount of modules. 

One rule of thumb to use is if a module has a lot of information within it, break that module into two or more modules.  What benefits will this have on your business?

I can think of three right off the bat.

One: It gets you touching your subscriber more times, with leads to number two. 

Two:  More sessions allows you to offer additional products with eyeballs focused only on that one product (it’s fine to offer products within your ecourse) 

Three: It makes you more of an expert with your topic.  If your information is good, you have become more of an expert because you have more information to offer.

I tell people I counsel if you feel like there should be another session to your ecourse, then make another session to your ecourse.  It’s just that simple.