Benefits Of Selling Products In The Information Marketing Business

In my opinion, the best home business in the world is the information marketing business. What is “information marketing”? Well it’s simply the process of selling instructional information in the form of: books, eBooks, CD’s, DVD’s, newsletters, seminars, and even membership sites. This is the ultimate lifestyle business.

And it’s even better on the internet. Many people have been running their own information marketing business offline for decades. But with the advent of the internet, it has taken information marketing to a totally new level. The main component of the information marketing business is something called, “information products”.

As I stated earlier, information products are simply products that deliver instructional information. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in or the kind of products and services you sell – you can use info products to boost your sales and profits, along with adding another income stream into your business.

For example, a bakery shop owner could offer a free report (another form of information product) about how to make red velvet cupcakes. Then for every person who requests this information, the bakery shop owner can send out the free report, plus a copy of their menu – that already includes the red velvet cupcake that they can buy from their offline store, or website.

And the list goes on and on. Almost all businesses that I know of can use this very same approach to boost their sales, and add a new revenue stream. You can even make this your entire business, and sell products for hundreds of dollars – depending on your niche, and the components of your product.

You can get high profit margins with information products and the business of info marketing. Products are very cheap to produce also. You could sell a CD for $19, and have it only cost you 50 cents to reproduce it. Don’t believe me? Well, consider this for example.

Have you ever seen those late night infomercials about ab workouts or real estate ventures and etc? Well, those people are simply selling information products. They’ve exited out of the real estate game and the bodybuilding game, and are now making the bulk of their money selling information products.

Yeah you may buy their $19 product and they send you a lot of stuff, but more than likely after you order, a telemarketer will call you and try to upsell you on a $2,000 product, showing you the “real” secrets. This is nonsense – but this is how they REALLY make their money.

I don’t want to assimilate them as “sharks”, but I just want you to be aware of how information products are popular online. It’s easy for you to get started selling your information products, you just need the right guidance, and a good marketing plan to sell your products.

And yes, you can use information products in your business to boost your sales and add another stream of income in your life. Be sure to use them today – because they are very profitable. I even sell them in my business.

Good luck with selling information products today.

How To Create Your Information Products Using Private Label Rights Ebooks

If you didn’t know it before, I’ll tell you today. If you want to make big money online, you have to create your own products.

Forget about all the noise about AdSense and affiliate marketing. I’m not saying they cannot make you money, but if you want to build a sustainable internet business, then you must have your own products.

Or why do you think that the big AdSense and affiliate marketing guys have their own products. Even if you don’t sell them well at the beginning, you can offer your products as bonuses to people to come to your site and buy other products through your affiliate links and even to click on your AdSense.

Having said that, I must confess that it is a lot of hard work to create your own product. You have to do the following and more.

– You have to do a market research

– You have to write pages and pages of book

– You have to create ecover graphics.

Heck! Small wonder many people don’t do it.

You can however avoid the above problems and have your own product with your name and copyright on it by investing a little amount of money on Private Label Rights products. It is very easy to do.

So here is a breakdown of how to do it.

1) Purchase a Private Label Product.

2) Brand it as your own by putting your name as the author.

3) Edit it by adding what you want to the contents and also by removing what you don’t want to give it a personal touch. This is important because there will be others out there with the same rights.

4) Create a new ecover for it or edit the source file you were provided with.

5) Go online and sell your product or give away to build your list

Last note: Do not go for a right that is too cheap. If you’ve got a package of 20 products for just $5 then you should know that thousands of other people out there have the same rights.

Also you should buy rights directly from the creator of the products only and not those that bought the rights and are reselling the rights. Buy from only those that say you can only use it for personal business and not the rights to give the rights. No master resell rights.

Follow these tips and you will be creating your own products in the next 24 hours.

Information Marketing: How To Create An Ascension Business Model

It is very easy to create an ascension model for an online information marketing business. In this article I am going to explain this model is and how you can easily and quickly build one.

What is an ascension model?

With this model you offer products beginning with a low price and then gradually ascending to a higher priced product.

There are advantages with this model.

As the product creator and in particular for those who are just starting out on their information business, it is far less daunting to think about creating a low priced item than a higher one.

For example, a $27 product sounds feasible, whereas a $490 product perhaps sounds beyond your capabilities.

By creating low price products first you can build your confidence and also begin to understand what it is you can offer and how much you have to offer.

For your customers, using this model helps them to purchase something of low price and therefore low risk to see what kind of quality you offer.

Obviously your lower priced products must reflect the quality and value that your customers would expect from a premium product. It doesn’t matter what the price is – the quality must be the same.

Credibility Tip

Make sure that as you create higher priced products you enable your customers to have visibility of them so that they don’t think you are only capable of producing low priced items. This is really important for your credibility and authority levels.

How to easily create an ascension model

One easy way to build this ascending model is to create 4 low priced products on various topics in your niche and then combine them together to produce the high priced product. Another way to do this is to again use those low priced products and combine them into a weekly or bimonthly continuity product.

By using what you already have created and packaging it into a product of higher price you can quickly and easily increase your product portfolio and product price range.

The more low priced products you create, the more ways you will be able to repackage them into new products with varying price points.

Another easy way to create a high end product is to offer coaching and include your other products as training material to be used as part of the coaching program.

Send out a weekly training and then discuss this during the coaching element.